Continental Conversion Lead

Continental Conversion Lead

Rated input voltage , max wattage w. Rated output voltage Dimensions mm L x mm W x 91mm H. Diameter W x H88 x D35mm – Zig Marque 1 Panel Three way switched fused 12v control panel includes battery condition monitor and power source selector switch – Zig CPX-7 control panel Monitors car and caravan batteries. Allows them to be used without the danger of discharging. Ideally suited for installing in caravans which do not have a means of monitoring battery voltage.

BU-804b: Sulfation and How to Prevent it

BMW i3 94Ah Rex volt69 said: Just use a heavy duty 13 amp extension lead of 10 metres and change the plug end to a genuine “black” MK brand plug and the socket to a MK brand double socket housed in a industrial metal rectangle box. The only snag is it wont be waterproof so if its to be in the elements then it needs to be in some kind of waterproof casing.

The unit requires 50mm clearance behind the extractor fan and ventilation to the outside.

Batteries achieve the desired operating voltage by connecting several cells in series; each cell adds its voltage potential to derive at the total terminal voltage. Parallel connection attains higher capacity by adding up the total ampere-hour Ah. Some packs may consist of a combination of series and parallel connections. Laptop batteries commonly have four 3. Such a configuration is called 4s2p, meaning four cells in series and two in parallel. Insulating foil between the cells prevents the conductive metallic skin from causing an electrical short.

Most battery chemistries lend themselves to series and parallel connection. It is important to use the same battery type with equal voltage and capacity Ah and never to mix different makes and sizes. A weaker cell would cause an imbalance. This is especially critical in a series configuration because a battery is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. An analogy is a chain in which the links represent the cells of a battery connected in series Figure 1.

Comparing a battery with a chain. Chain links represent cells in series to increase voltage, doubling a link denotes parallel connection to boost current loading. A weak cell may not fail immediately but will get exhausted more quickly than the strong ones when on a load.

Electrics & Water Pump

There are two main ways you can power electrical devices on the campsite. The first is to use a leisure battery, which is like a car battery and provides a 12V supply, and the second is an electric hook-up, which provides a V supply as you would find at home. To find more about charging leisure batteries see our Battery Charging Data Sheet. Your own power pack A leisure battery is a great way to provide electricity when you are away from a mains connection.

You can use it to power a range of 12V devices, from lights to toilet flushes and from televisions to caravan movers. However, the appliances must be designed to run on a 12V supply.

Developed to offer the best in design, materials and function. Caravan Awnings. An important extension to your caravan. Motorhome Awnings. Static and drive-away awnings available.

Sulfation and How to Prevent it Applying ways to minimize sulfation. Sulfation occurs when a lead acid battery is deprived of a full charge. This is common with starter batteries in cars driven in the city with load-hungry accessories. A motor in idle or at low speed cannot charge the battery sufficiently. Electric wheelchairs have a similar problem in that the users might not charge the battery long enough.

An 8-hour charge during the night when the chair is not being used is not enough. Lead acid must periodically be charged 14—16 hours to attain full saturation. This may be the reason why wheelchair batteries last only 2 years, whereas golf cars with the identical battery deliver twice the service life. Long leisure time allows golf car batteries to get a full charge overnight.

Prepping For Power Outages

Boats, Caravans and Motorhomes Boats, Caravans and Motorhomes Whether for weekend, holiday, or daily use, wind and solar power can be used to keep batteries charged in your boat, caravan or motorhome – giving an independent electricity supply without the noise and stench of engines and generators, or the inconvenience of finding mains hook-ups. DC lighting, TV, radio, pumps, fans, phones. By using an inverter, Vac appliances such as video, HiFi, microwave, vacuum cleaner, satellite system or computer can be powered.

Using Wind On vehicles and inland craft, wind generators are best mounted on a hinged mast which is easy to raise when moored but compact when travelling. Seagoing boats often use mounts on deck rails or masts.

Caravan and RV parts and accessories. MOBILE LIVING MADE EASY.

Regrettable sale of Unimog s radio box campervan conversion. The conversion was intended for overland travel through either Africa or South America. However, due to work and other commitments this did not occur and I have had to settle with a shorter excursion and successful shake down test! Key features are detailed below: Designed as 2 man overland expedition vehicle. MOT recently renewed – next due May Free road tax due to historic vehicle status. Portal axles provide excellent ground clearance.

Radio box 3m x 2m fitted to chassis on 3 point mounting.

Electical hook up (daft question alert!!!)

August 1 by Catriona comments All consumers should know about the Sale of Goods Act SoGA as it provides consumers with protection when making purchases, whether buying on the internet, over the phone, via the shopping channel, by mail order or on the high street. In our experience at whatconsumer. In summary, the Sale of Goods Act provides three statutory rights:

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Sale of Goods Act 1979

December 19, When the mains power goes, we are abruptly brought face-to-face with how many of the devices and services we take for granted rely upon it. Telephones for instance, where once they were attached to the wall by a cable, now they are a cordless device with a mains-powered base station. Your cellphone can fill that gap, but a modern smartphone with a battery life of under a day is hardly a reliable long-term solution.

Meanwhile modern heating systems may still burn gas or fuel oil, but rely on an electric pump for circulation. Your kitchen is full of electrically-powered white goods, your food is preserved by an electric refrigerator, even your gas cooker if you have one will probably expect a mains supply.

This Remis Spring Mechanism designed to fit a 20 mm roller tube. I need a spring mechanism to fit a 10 mm roller tube. The roller in question is out of a Hobby caravan, and is a smaller kitchen window.

Plugs into UK lighter-type sockets. Will boil 2 normal mugs of water in approx. Power consumption 12 Amps. It has a big enough capacity for several mugs-full and will bring the water to boiling in just a few minutes. Due to the overall current consumption of the cooking process best used while your engine is running. Cooker comes with a securing lid strap. The only difference is that you need a 12V supply.

About as powerful as is practical on 12v. And, it makes popcorn too! LS plug on 4ft lead. Due to the 12A consumption best used while your engine is running. Also the lighter socket must be 12A rated.

Battery Conditioners – CTEK and AccuMate

And a great resource for problem solving, import conversion, and for year round collectors of stocking fillers for blokes! Pro Car products are found in cars, motorhomes, caravans, trucks and boats. You’ll also see them pre-fitted to many accessories like cooler boxes and fridges. For completeness we also include a few non-Procar items at the bottom of the page. The Universal Plug to fit both lighter socket and DIN socket is illustrated right along with an exploded view showing internal features including the screw terminals for easy diy wiring.

Blu-Tack. Blu-Tack can be used to cover unused LNB outputs and as a temporary waterproofing for outdoor cable joints. Can also be used to waterproof aerial connections inside the plastic housing.

Outback adventures in your trusty caravan are one of the best ways to explore our vast country. Malfunctioning vehicles, mechanical faults or lack of forgetting necessities are sure to top the list of trip ending issues. What is it capable of? What are some of the drawbacks? Can it handle rough off-road terrain? Plan and prepare Plan your trip and make notes of the fuel stations and towns along the way. Create a checklist and ensure your caravan is properly stocked with everything you require, including emergency equipment.

Packing your caravan for travel Before leaving your starting location, and each location along the trip, ensure your caravan is properly packed for safe travel. The first step is to ensure all cords such as the electrical cord to power mains are disconnected from the caravan. Store all appliances in secured cupboards and secure your clothes and belongings. If you have a pop-top caravan, lower and lock in the roof for travel. Turn off the gas, fill up your water containers and pack away external accessories such as caravan awnings and fold-down tables.


Contact Guide to Caravan Accessories, Gadgets and Innovations Kitting your caravan out with the latest gadgets and accessories can make a great holiday even better. We have put together a guide of the must-have items which will be most useful on your caravan holiday. Caravan holiday essentials There are all sorts of accessories available to make your holiday a little easier, from awnings to fold-out tables.

Here are our top five must-haves.

Apr 15,  · My 2p worth. .. don’t worry and don’t bother about it. but keep your fingers out of light sockets. If you do worry. .In France after you plug into the EHU put a tester plug into a caravan mains .

Caravan mains hook up splitter Photos: Refine more Format Format. This Mains 3 Way Splitter is commonly used at campsites for campervans, caravans and motorhomes. Campsite electric hook-up point able receive an as would at home current sent batteries at. Results 1 – 48 of Product Code Manufacturer PL. Ideal for caravans, camper vans, Motor homes, boats.

Category Caravan and Camping Accessorys. Free delivery on eligible orders of 20 or more. Want an electric socket in your awning?

Battery Conditioners – CTEK and AccuMate

The waste water one is brilliant. What type of gas to use in a caravan , 12volt leisure battery connections, connecting external water supply. Caravan Waste Drain-away for grey water Wastemaster. How to improve your caravan’s waste. I am quite new to the caravan scene.. We have our water barrel and waste holder, but if.

MO – Wall / Frame Mountable Marine Grade ( A4) Stainless Steel Enclosure, with Top entry Gland plate. 1x A 5Pin V IP67 Socket Mounted on Enclosure Base.

Camping trailer with top tent and side tent , has a gas stove , fridge and lots of packing spacethe pullout tent also has sides R 30, Published in: Used Trailer for Sale , Pinetown 5 Photo s trailer fitted with 40lt water tank bed with mattres plenty storage space canvas tent 1. Camping Gear , Bluff 7 Photo s Sunseeker canvas tent in good condition. R 1, Published in: Camping Gear , Hillcrest 1 Photo s 4 to 6 man canvass tent built in ground sheet.

R 3, Published in: Camping Gear , Amanzimtoti 3 Photo s tent for sale the tent is in good condion and stil new R 3, Published in: In perfect condition 1 year old. Selling as we are relocating. Colour coded poles for easy set up.

How to fit and wire up a 240v hook up for a campervan motorhome or caravan

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