Clergy Chairs

Clergy Chairs

More to Come Thank You for Visiting! We hope you enjoy the wealth of antique chair and furniture information we have tried to provide. Check back often, as we are growing fast! Before chairs were used only by the master and mistress of the house. Everyone else had to sit on stools or benches. Although increasingly used by lesser mortals too during the 17thC, the presence of arms and the extent and elaboration of carving found on many chairs still indicated their high status.

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The Victorian period refers to the era of pieces made during the reign of Queen Victoria — , a furniture style developed that was characterised by exaggerated curves, dark woods and heavy proportions. The makers of the time drew upon the Gothic form and the Louis XV style to create tables where the legs of dining tables, writing tables and side tables were elaborately carved.

Designers include a selection of hand crafted items by famous designers of the time, such as Merklen Brother, John Henry Belter and Alexander Roux, and mass produced pieces. Although some designers put stamps and labels on most of their furniture, many did not, so attributing a Victorian piece conclusively requires lots of research. A general rule of thumb is that rosewood was considered superior to walnut, and was used on higher end tables and other furniture.

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Clergy Chairs 18th Century Carved Walnut Ecclesiastical Spanish Throne Chair E A spectacular piece of furniture with real presence that would instantly create a sense of drama wherever it was placed. Has traces of old woodworm and has been repaired over the years. All the usual gothic elements and a few more besides. X frame leg supports with pegged stretchers. Upholstery is in what was once pale blue velvet and is serviceable if slighlty tired.

Webbing and springs underneath are solid and if they were going in my Houses of Parliament type hallway, I wouldn’t bother reupholstering them. These are marvellous examples of top end 19th Century furniture making.

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Books were similarly expensive, as was the cases to store them. For this reason the antique bookcase, or bibliotheque in France, is not common at all. However, with our buying power, we are able to obtain a wide variety of antique bookcases for your enjoyment and daily use, transforming a room, office or library into a special place that reflects your style and refinement. We have multiple options to choose from within our vast inventory of antique furniture, with many on display at our two antique stores that boast over 50, square feet of showroom space.

Antique lovers can give stunning antique makeovers to their homes by selecting the right pieces of furniture from amongst the wide variety of early oak antique tables, antique dressers, oak seating, oak chest and drawers, antique four poster beds etc.

To return to our theme about this being the era when children and adult collectors were re-constructing historical dollhouses and furnishings, another avenue still popular today was the kit. It is important to consider whether a house you are contemplating purchasing as antique is in fact made from a factory kit in recent years. Once the house is assembled and painted — and the decor will vary from house to house as the owner’s individual taste dictates — its origins are not always apparent, especially if the house has been roughly played with or left outdoors for a period of time.

Appearing older because of harsh handling instead of showing a patina acquired over 70 to years, it may enter the realm of the fake — sometimes due to lack of knowledge on the seller’s part. Let us say that the house’s style is Victorian — perhaps an L plan, verandahs, bay windows and gingerbread trim — and said to date from the s. In this case, there should be glass in the windows, solid not plywood wood walls, nails and aged paint.

If, on the other hand, it is a kit of the s or ’80s representing a style of the era, it will have modern thin plastic in the windows, thin plywood often mahogany , precise cuts due to factory techniques, recent paint, no nails but instead relying on glue and the occasional tab to hold it together. A seller may say it was hand-made in the s or ’40s to explain the plywood but, in that time period, the Victorian style was out of favour and would not have been considered when designing a dollhouse.

The Victorian style, however, was greatly admired in the last quarter of the 20th century. A search of the web for vintage and new house kits may turn up the precise name of the product for your dollhouse. There is, of course, nothing wrong with buying an assembled kit; it is just that you want to know what you are getting and how this might affect the price very costly if a “real” dollhouse and very reasonable if from an kit.

Antique and Vintage Dressers

Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the post, and if you would like a response please leave your email address. And by all means, if you like something please feel free to share it. Tuesday, May 4, The Knapp Joint One way of telling the age and place of manufacture of a piece of furniture is to look at the way that the drawers are constructed. The dovetail joinery on the sides where the front of the drawer meets the sides can tell you a lot.

Also a hand cut dovetail usually points towards an older piece. Most modern joinery is done with a machine.

This chest of two over three graduated drawers is solid walnut with secondary pine. The original finish has darkened with age. The construction is solid with hand cut dovetails and very obvious hand planed marks on the inside of the case and bottom of the drawers.

Usually ships in business days Product Description And Additional Pictures An impressive piece, this unusually large – 8″ wide and 5″ tall – vintage porcelain lidded dresser jar is a beauty to behold! Weighing over 4lbs, both pieces of this substantial vintage porcelain trinket box were decorated by an artist who skillfully captured the essence of a rose garden. Colorful pink and red roses are attached to thorny, green leafy vines, and were created in the naturalistic floral art style that was prevalent at the turn of the century.

These blooms are set against muted hues of pastel blues, peaches, and yellows which the artist created to resemble a sky tinged with the first blush of dawn. A generously applied band of gold paint was applied to the rim of the bottom of the vintage porcelain lidded dresser jar, while almost a full 1″ wide band was applied to the rim of the lid.

This gold band flows and curves onto the top of the lid, with curlicues, dots, and a large, interesting basket weave embellishment reaching into the porcelain sky. In excellent condition, this amazing vintage porcelain trinket box has no damage. There are no cracks or chips on the edge of the lid nor the lid seat, and very little loss – if any – to the gold paint. This was a special mark used by C.

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US Square Grand Piano Over the years I have received many inquires concerning antique furniture manufacturers and furniture prices. Quite a few of these inquiries were looking for free antique furniture appraisals. Please note that I am not an appraiser. Appraisals take time something that I don’t have much of to spare with my busy schedule.

Nov 15,  · The Tygart River Guest House features a picturesque riverside setting which overlooks cascading whitewater rapids as far as the eye can see. Walk down the grassy bank to the river rocks below and bask in the glow of the setting sun. Open a window during the evening hours to usher in soothing sounds.

Methods[ edit ] The dovetail joint is very strong because of the way the ‘tails’ and ‘pins’ are shaped. This makes it difficult to pull the joint apart and virtually impossible when glue is added. This type of joint is used in box constructions such as drawers, jewellery boxes, cabinets and other pieces of furniture where strength is required. It is a difficult joint to make manually, requiring skilled workmanship.

There are different types of dovetail joints. The joint is strong especially when used with glue. The angle of slope varies according to the wood used, purpose of joint and type of work. Typically the slope is 1: Often a slope of 1:

French Heritage Maison Passy Fh-763 Chest Hardware Iv Bombe Large Antique Bronze

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Tim Bowen Antiques, Carmarthenshire, Wales Wales and Welsh antiques, furniture, pottery, paintings and folk art To keep up to date with new stock, events and exhibitions and receive our catalogue by email, please provide us with your email address: North Wales dresser / Dresel o Ogledd Cymru Sold. Oak and ash stool. Small Welsh oak.

Antique Flintlock Pistols The indelible image of a pirate is a scruffy cutthroat brandishing a cutlass and a flintlock pistol while yelling, “Arrgh, matey! Muzzle-loading flash-powder weapons fired by a piece of flint striking cold steel, antique flintlock pistols are some of the most basic firearms in existence. French court gunsmith Marin le Bourgeoys created the first flintlock musket with a true flintlock mechanism for King Louis XIII shortly after he ascended the throne in Despite being bulky and notoriously inaccurate with a short effective range, the flintlock musket caused substantial casualties for more than two centuries.

The shortest were less than 6 inches long and the longest stretched to more than 20 inches in length. Used as self-defense weapons and Read more The indelible image of a pirate is a scruffy cutthroat brandishing a cutlass and a flintlock pistol while yelling, “Arrgh, matey! Used as self-defense weapons and as military arms, flash powder-fired flintlock pistols like the Ketland brass barrel smooth bore pistol were common in colonial America.

During the Revolutionary War, British soldiers carried the New Model flintlock pistol, a design that was quickly copied by American arms makers. Flintlock pistols enjoy continuing popularity with both collectors and black-powder shooting enthusiasts. Quick Facts An exceedingly rare U.

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Howard and Sons Chairs Past Stock Howard and Sons Chairs Past Stock For your information and unlike other pages on this site many items of sold stock are left on this page to give an indication of the range of styles and models available. Our stock of Howard chairs and sofas is constantly changing, so please do email for a list of current stock and prices.

Click here for the current stock list of Howard and Sons chairs and contact us if you can not find what you are looking for. Howard and Sons of Berners Street in London were the foremost upholstery maker of the nineteenth century, regarded in the same way as Gillow were for cabinet furniture. Howard and Sons were such an important company that they collaborated with Gillow on several important projects and may have even manufactured pieces of upholstered furniture for Gillow as well as other important makers such as Maple and Co.

“THE PERFECT WAX” Picreator’s Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax is the First choice of many museums and professionals Antique specialists worldwide. Used for the preserving of valuable Antiques It creates a transparent, protective coating that will not discolor or degrade.

We do not sell reproductions or use cheap modern spray finishes. History of Antique Furniture – A Guide to Antique Dining Tables In terms of the antique dining tables available today we perhaps think as far back as the 16th Century for primitive plank top refectory tables but of coarse the civilised Worlds of ancient history have always built tables for dining.

Perhaps the very first were smooth flat rocks used by our cave dwelling ancestors? Generally speaking the further we look back in recent centuries the rarer the table and hence greater the price. Fortunately, in terms of budget, many of these early refectory tables were revived copied at later dates and have survived in greater numbers.

By the mid 18th Century our seafaring merchants were importing highly fashionable exotic timbers and mahogany became the most desirable choice for cabinet makers and their clients. The transition from a mixed period of construction of earlier primitive design and cleaner Georgian designs during the early 18th Century soon became nearly exclusively formal designs during George II reign due to the enormous influence of Thomas Chippendale and his piers. It was during this early Chippendale period that the first examples of adjustable and extendable dining tables were designed and made.

Using the tripod cabriole leg base design, often found on Georgian wine and occasional tables, much larger examples were made with rectangular tops in a series of three or four pedestal based sections joined by clips. These tables could by adjusted in length by using any combination of the sections and sometimes loose leaves were suspended between pedestals.

By the ‘s, in George III reign, a new version of extendable table known as a ‘D’ ended table was in manufacture. Comprising two demi or ‘D’ shaped end tables look like console tables with the centre extending section being a simple drop leaf table which could be clipped to the console shaped ends when leaves are raised.

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Quebec Armoire Lincoln County attributed to Israel Moyer This chest of two over three graduated drawers is solid walnut with secondary pine. The original finish has darkened with age. The construction is solid with hand cut dovetails and very obvious hand planed marks on the inside of the case and bottom of the drawers. The simplicity of the design is what makes this piece a classic.

Found in Ontario’s eastern counties. A burl walnut and walnut empire chest of drawers that is not only well made but well designed too.

Photos of Berkey & Gay Furniture Below are auction photos of some of the Berkey & Gay furniture which I have photographed. Much of which I bought and hauled to the Metro Atlanta area for sale at live antique auctions.

About Us As Jack and Jackie Simonini we are a husband and wife partnership and have specialised in early English oak and country furniture from the medieval period to the 17th century for over 30 years. Our showrooms are set within the stunning Lake District National park in the Lowther valley in the ancient county of Westmoreland, near to the village famous for the film Withnail and I. Whilst visiting us for antiques in Cumbria and maybe seeing other places for antiques in the Lake District why not include a visit to close by Lowther Castle seat of the Earls of Lonsdale since the middle ages.

Ullswater lake is just 7 miles away where there is an abundance of walks, places to eat and stay on our doorstep. So when looking for antiques in Westmorland don’t forget to visit us for antiques in Lowther Valley. Our fine and rare collection of early English antiques is sourced worldwide and is often purchased by private and trade buyers visiting our antiques showrooms here in Cumbria in the Lake District and from the many buyers who purchase from us online for delivery locally and worldwide.

Our showrooms offer visitors a warm and welcoming atmosphere, redolent of beeswax and the deep glow of polished oak. Here you may enjoy the display of early oak furniture and medieval sculpture and works of art, dating from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. The collection reflects our passion for early oak and country furniture and ourr constant search for the rare and the unusual.

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