Back to Basics: Dodge 12 Valve

Back to Basics: Dodge 12 Valve

Whether you’re towing a stock trailer or racing down the quarter mile, having the ability to monitor vital engine statistics is extremely crucial. We also carry mounting systems from Autometer to ensure your gauges have a factory looking installation. Just remember, no matter what, you can never have too many gauges. Read More On all diesel trucks, having the ability to monitor exhaust gas temperature is critical, so having a good pyrometer is a must. All pyrometer EGT gauges come complete with gauge, wiring, and thermocouple for drilling into the exhaust stream. For owners of automatic transmission trucks, having a gauge to properly monitor transmission oil temperature is a great idea. Another very important gauge is a fuel pressure gauge.

Technical Details

Turnkey tests all engines before delivery: LS series replacement engine sleaves: Darton Sleeves manufactures performance “wet” sleeves which replace both the portion of the LS engine casting which holds the sleeve and LS engine sleeve itself. By removing the engine block’s iron sleeve casing, the Darton sleeve provides the structure and is in direct contact with the cooling water thus it’s a wet sleeve.

Add the Isspro 4k tach to your first gen that should have came factory on all the trucks. Note: Dont forget to add the necessary wiring harness to hook it up, there are two different ones. Pre picks up the signal from the damper pulley and the newer plug into a plug uder the dash. Note: The wiring kit is optional, if you are handy with some electrical wire.

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ISSPRO Tachometer Sensor Kit

In order to shop on this Web store, you must have cookies enabled. For instructions on how to enable cookies, please see the help section of your browser. Once cookies are enabled please refresh the current page. For those looking for a super fast spooling turbo that Replace that common to break afc line, with a braided line that will never break again.

Mar 27,  · Here’s a few pictures & explanations that I posted earlier over on DTR for a Dodge Cummins truck with a factory tach installed: FWIW, here are a few pictures of the factory supplied tach wiring harness used in the Dodge that I have and there is not a PCM installed on the fender.

The small case Amp alternator that comes standard on the Powerstroke Diesel since has been plagued with reliability issues, the component that most often fails is the Bridge Rectifier. Upgrading the small case unit to a higher amperage just compounds the problems. Get more power at idle speeds, Plus the Large Case Ford alternator is much more reliable at higher outputs. Great for powering your experimental hydrogen and oxygen Fuel Supplement system, Winches, Stereo, Trailer, Off-roading and more on the Ford engines.

The larger AD series alternator will give you better, high output alternator performance. To check for compatibility, see if the front bolt is parallel to the center rotor shaft and the rear bolt is perpendicular to the rotor shaft. The Larger AD series alt. No one else offers this solution. We don’t follow the pack we lead with innovative solutions like the one featured here.

Cummins 6BT / 6BTA 5.9 Specifications

Share We started out with this project by following the primal call that comes from within us to get back to the simple and reliable days of the Cummins valve engine. The valve Cummins, officially known as the 6BT, is a legend in its own right. Its rock solid design is from an age when a diesel engine was a true diesel.

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View Photo Gallery While being completely electronically controlled makes the Allison a modern technological marvel able to adapt to your current driving style and provide utmost comfort, it often hampers its abilities to perform in the aftermarket. The Allison’s adaptive learning technology can actually work against it in the performance-oriented world because the transmission tuning tells it to expect stock torque values.

According to Allison, “The transmission controls have been highly integrated with Duramax diesel engines in GM pickups. Part of this integration is that the TCM has a map of each engine’s torque output throughout its operating rpm. During most range shifts, there is more power available than necessary to maintain acceleration. The unused engine power traditionally goes into slipping clutches and results in additional heat without adding to vehicle performance. The net result is optimized shift quality as well as reduced clutch energy.

Needless to say, when engine torque is increased significantly via various aftermarket methods, [the SEM logic] is greatly compromised. This occurs when the computer senses excessive slippage, or if the transmission loses communication with the TCM.

1994-2001 Dodge Ram pickup trucks: the first of the “big rig Rams”

Would make it easier to hook them up. IWantATurbo that would be a great big help!!!!! Looking up the diagrams too: D IWantATurbo , Their sole purpose is to reduce cold-start emissions.

Dec 30,  · Can anyone help me to hook up a tach to a 12V (1st gen.) cummins? The motor is in a “85”, 4×4, Dodge, and I would like to have a tach to go along with my other guages.

Early Dodge Cummins Tach. FWIW, here are a few pictures of the factory supplied tach wiring harness used in the Dodge that I have and there is not a PCM installed on the fender. Under the dash there is what looks like an intermediate adapter cable between the under hood tach cable and the cable that leads to the tach head. I believe it may be there to pick up voltage from the wiring harness to the tach head and probably not much more.

Too wet outside to continue any further. The tach wire comes through the grommet in the firewall bottom right corner and into the back side of the plug at the center right in the picture. The opposite end of this plug which is facing you is the tach connection. I had assumed this was where the power switched leads were but instead they are attached to the same side where the sensor is connected.

Those power switched leads are the red- orange- and black. The tach leads are just to the right coming out of what looks like a piece of plastic tubing and drop out of view in the lower right corner of the picture. There is no PCM in this truck.


This page covers the original D series. The new D series for was bigger and tougher than before. The wheelbase of each model grew by about six inches, while the frames grew stronger and added a cross member, and both front and rear axles were stronger.

ISSPRO Tachometer Sensor Kit If you’re trying to install a tachometer into your 1st Generation Cummins, or any other diesel that does NOT have a factory tachometer sensor, then you will need this simple tach installation kit to go along with your tach.

Sun, 23 Nov Remove the four 15mm nuts and pull the turbo away from the studs, and move aside so its mounting surface rests on the ends of the studs. Be careful not to gouge the surface with the hardened studs. With a rag or tape to protect the turbo inlet, drill and tap the manifold, and remove all chips. Repeatedly clean out the manifold port until the magnet comes out clean. I prefer to take the time to remove the turbo.

There is little clearance between the vanes and the housing inside the turbo, and chips could cause trouble. The manifold is the most informative place for the probe. It tells you about instantaneous temperature changes and the maximum temperature encountered. If the probe is in the exhaust elbow, or worse yet, downstream in the pipe, you have to infer the actual, maximum temperature by adjusting the reading by 10 degrees times the pounds of boost, as a rule of thumb.

However, many probes are relatively cheap and do not hold up very well to high temperatures.

LQ4 into a 3rd Gen/1972 Nova by frojoe

I completed this mod on my SR. First off, there was no difference between the new stereo controls and the used one I purchased online. They both had 6 wires on the connectors. As far as the display controls, it only had 4 wires on the connector. I’m thinking the difference is the lane departure and front collision system.

Sep 27,  · the pull up resistor is just a normal 1k ohm resistor that you can get at radio shack. google tach pull up resistor and there will plenty of information and pictures on how to install and they will go into better detail than i can.

The S trucks are a very popular vehicle for engine swaps of all kinds. Since our specialty is with these trucks, there are many variations offered to install a fuel injected Chevy small block engine in any year truck. Below you will find a list of years and options that will make a bit of difference in the harness, as well as some information you will need to help make better decisions for your swap. Please be sure and read the extra information supplied in each year for certain things that you may or may not be aware of.

When disconnecting the stock vehicle harness, all you will need to do is unplug it from any connections at the firewall, fenders, and anywhere else that a connector may be. The new harness should simply plug back in to any connectors, there should be no reason to remove or replace anything from the inside of the vehicle in most cases. Things YOU will need to know.

There are many variations between these years as far as the computers and wiring goes, but nothing major. Certain things that matter are whether or not the truck was a 4 cyl, 2. This will affect how the wiring must be done in order for the truck to function properly after the engine swap. These year trucks can have the tachometer recalibrated for the V8 so they will read properly. Of course, you can always use an aftermarket tachometer that is calibrated for a V8 and avoid any of these extra pieces or hassles.

When complete, the stock truck computer will control things like the cruise control, ABS, speedo, etc. The computer for the engine will pretty much just run the engine and control the electric fans.

1995-97 Dodge Ram Pickup Stereo Wiring

Your hub for horsepower Get first access to hit shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Join free for 14 days now The Ford and GM engines have been available for more than 10 years; even the new Hemi is now five years old. Standard-perf versions of these engines are fairly common and affordable in the wrecking yards. On the following pages, we examine some of the parts and pieces available to simplify swapping new motors into old cars. Hopefully, this overview will whet your appetite for a full-course modernization program on your own ride.

Aug 23,  · Has anyone hooked up a tach on 1st gen cummins, interested in installing a tach.

Can an external tachometer be connected to a Chevy Corsica 3. I would say Yes However I would suggest you try to find the manufacturer of your tachometer on the web and check out their support site and email them if needed for your particuliar vehicle. For instance below is a link to Autometer’s Tech Tip web site however unless you own an Autometer Tach this m…ay be useless to you. There are so many different ignition systems today that it would be difficult to explain each. So its best to get the info from the pro’s.

I have a S10 with a 2.

Dodge D-series pickups, 1961-1971

For the past week there has been a new engine speed dependent whine. Anyway, last night I get home and my remote won’t lock the car, so I have to manually lock it. I thought that the battery finally died. The lights didn’t flash to indicate it was locked, and the locking pin didn’t make it’s sound. I didn’t think much of it because this was only the second time in history that I’ve ever locked my car manually, and I forgot what it was supposed to do.

Aug 30,  · I have two 1st Gen () diesel trucks. On one I have an Isspro Tach with a mag pick-up I installed on the flywheel hsng. I also located the tach lead under the dash for the O. E. M. accessory tach, which I’m told by my dealer, has not been available for years.

Originally Posted by eshaw View Post Those are good reasons. Why did you choose the 3. It would seem that the latter would be more available and easier to source parts. From what I’ve been able to ascertain the 4bt requires a SFA for the additional weight. This is the reason for the 3. Thanks for answering my questions. Terry nailed it, I got this 3. For this application it was really a better choice anyway.

Originally Posted by Donahue View Post im just curious, what is the cost of a swap like this, and how many miles does it take to recoup the expense in fuel savings? Originally Posted by Donahue View Post i just want to clarify that when you say 70 mpg, what you mean is 70 miles per gallon of diesel purchased at the fuel station or something else? Yes, effectively 70 mpg. We have a friend with a construction company that changes all of their own oil and we can get all of it we want for free.

First Gen Cummins no speedo,no charge, no odometer

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